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The Caveman Is Back!
After 5 years, Tim Plewman, by public demand, once again dons the Caveman’s skins and steps onto stage to add to his 1544 sold out performances of the longest-running and most successful solo comedy in South African theatre history. The Broadway production still holds the record of the longest running non- musical solo comedy of all time. What more can be said about this wonderful show that so humorously exposes the hunter and gatherer in us all and has played to over a million people?
Penned by Rob Becker, Plewman adapted the script for Southern Africa and went on to win the Vita Award for Best Actor in a comedy. Updated, upgraded and totally uploadable to today’s world of tweets, selfies and six million Facebook friends, this production is still a hilarious, affectionate and insightful comedy that explains why men and women see the world so differently, and will have you looking at your partner with new eyes . After years of hearing that all men are assholes, the Caveman once again stands up to be counted. And being a troglodyte, standing upright is not an easy thing to do.

Tim Plewman, one of our stage’s masters of split-second comic timing has been enthrallinf South Africa audiences with the smash hit show, ‘Defending the Caveman’’.—Clinton Marius, Durban Daily News Tonight

“laugh? I Neeaarly died! This play is not an exercise in soul-searching, it’s a belly laugh night out with similarly bemused friends. Enjoy.” Len Ashton Cape Town Argus

“Stand-up comedy at its best. Hilarious learning experience.”- Lieske Bester Cape Times

“here is the artistry of the human heart conveyed in a language that can only make you laugh till you cry”. – Mary Jordan, Business Day

“In a tour de france solo performance, Tim Plewman’s in a gem of a performance in giggle a minute comedy.” Garalt MacLiam, The Star

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The Runaway Best Seller



Here is what people are saying:

Tim Plewman steps out of the cave and into the lights as he ventures onto a new and very funny path to understanding the unique relationship between men and women.

Designer Genes XXL is the perfect night out for couples of all ages... actually it's the perfect night out for anyone who is in a relationship, has ever been in a relationship or hopes to get into a relationship.

This heart warming and hilarious show takes the audience from the doctor's waiting room, through puberty, back to Homo Habilus, then on to a mall, a braai and the bathroom, all to discover how genetics rule our lives.

“Return of the Caveman" in recognition of where his journey of discovery began, Designer Genes XXL is the next evolutionary step couples need to take.

Rodrigues, Chartered Wealth Solutions

“Entertaining, funny, educational, empathy - A superb evening enjoyed by all!! Tim was outstanding and received a standing ovation! We've only received positive feedback. Our clients were overwhelmed and loved the show. Fantastic way to end the year!" Sonja Sadie, ACSIS

Campbell, CONSOL

“Tim Plewman rates 10 out of 10. Absolutely!" Speakers, Inc Evaluation Form.

“Thank you for a wonderful show last week Thursday. The feedback from our clients has been

phenomenal...magic entertainment. J" Raquel

“Tim was hysterical and had the ladies practically rolling on the floor with his talk! So much so, we would like to know if Tim will be available for our Golf Day..." SPAR Ladies Day

"...a very big thank you for attending our function and being an outstanding MC! What an excellent performance once again." Goba Engineering

“You really had us crying with laughter." KANHYM"

“The crowd thoroughly enjoyed Tim and I have received great feedback - really exceptional." Gestetner

“The Tim Plewman event was a huge success...We got such positive feedback from all our clients." Mikki Ferreira, Insight Financial Planners

“A wonderful experience - comedy/therapy/educational/entertainment/presentation/empathy - Tim Plewman had it all, in spades!"Alan


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Return Of The Caveman
Designer Genes XXL

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